Where does the term cat out of the bag come from

Where does the term cat out of the bag come from

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As is the case with many idioms, the origins of the phrase are actually rather interesting, and they provide an intriguing insight into the lives of historical people.Literal meaning: The most likely origin of this phrase is very old originating in the 1500s and which refers to trying to trick someone at market by giving them a cat in a sack, or bag, instead of a piglet.

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The origin of this phrase dates back to the medieval European marketplaces.Examples include: revealing a conspiracy (friendly or not) to its target.

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If you let the cat out of the bag you disclosed the trick - and avoided buying a pig in a poke (bag).

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Letting the cat out of the bag or out of the box is a colloquialism meaning to reveal facts previously hidden.Keep an eye out for signs that your cat is getting overwhelmed during petting: her ears might flatten, her tail might start twitching or she might show other signs of tension.EXAMPLE: She let the cat out of the bag when she began talking about the plans for the new department. live high on the hog MEANING: have the best of everything.

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English Phrase. the genie is out of the bottle Information has been released that will have ongoing consequences.

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If you have a cat who often lashes out during petting, there are a few things you can do.

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Definition of let the cat out of the bag in the Idioms Dictionary. let the cat out of the bag phrase.

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The facts were usually hidden from a specific target audience or theatrical audience.

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EXAMPLE: He has been living high on the hog since he changed jobs and moved to Texas.You may try to prepare a birthing area for her from a cardboard.In order to...

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